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BRAM Technologies solutions on Shabolovka 2.0

Shabolovka 2.0 conference-exhibition is inviting all the specialists on November 17-19 to attend the annual event in the TV and radio industry. As previous year, the exhibition of Russian software and hardware equipment is organized on behalf of VGTRK media holding. The exhibition halls will be based on one of the main VGTRK sites on 37 Shabolovka Street.

On the exhibition, BRAM Technologies Company will demonstrate two complexes in HD format, created for thematic programs production and news preparation and playout.

A structure of the complexes contains:

Multichannel Azimuth videoservers         11 pieces

Media servers with disk storage systems  5 pieces

Channel branding servers                          4 pieces

Multichannel transcoding servers               6 pieces

DataBase servers                                       5 pieces

The complex for thematic programs production includes: StudioX system for multichannel ingest and playout, Autoplay system for playout automation and TitleStation system for channel branding purpose.

The news preparation and playout complex is predicated on a NewsHouse system. For more efficient news blocks creation, the NewsHouse system includes an enchanced NewsBase editing module. The module allows editing video and audio fragments with simple overlay transition effects, titles and graphics creation. Finished news stories are played back from the Azimuth video servers. 

Within the upcoming event a presentation outlining the main features of automation systems and implemented projects for Russian and overseas companies will be conducted.

Those who wish to attend the exhibition have to register on the official web site or click the link.

English speakers, who intended to review the BRAM Technologies products and systems on the Shabolovka 2.0 exhibition, may ask for our assistance in arranging registration.

The contact information is: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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