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BRAM Technologies solutions on Shabolovka 2.0

Shabolovka 2.0 conference-exhibition is inviting all the specialists on November 17-19 to attend the annual event in the TV and radio industry. As previous year, the exhibition of Russian software and hardware equipment is organized on behalf of VGTRK media holding. The exhibition halls will be based on one of the main VGTRK sites on 37 Shabolovka Street.

BRAM Technologies: 5 days on IBC show

Recently, doors of the main European event in the TV broadcasting industry have closed. Exposition of the mutual IBC stand consisted of the wide range of equipment and software developments from Russian companies.

During the event visitors’ attention did not subside to the already well renowned system of playout automation Autoplay and NRCS NewsHouse.

New features of on-Air monitoring in ScreenBox and AirMonitor

24/7 cable and satellite operators have to provide a high quality on-Air monitoring to oversee the accordance with federal laws (e.g. accordance with the audio loudness standard of ads during TV shows). For that reason BRAM Technologies has created digital automated monitoring system ScreenBox and multi-channel control recording system AirMonitor, which meet the high standard of any TV broadcast production from small TV studios to federal/regional TV channels.

Shabolovka 2.0 - new Russian exhibition in TV broadcast industry

23-28 November, 2015 - the VGTRK and JSC Prospect companies under the support of the Ministry of Communications and Federal Supervision Agency for Information Technologies and Communications of Russian Federation organized the first Russian exhibition-conference "Shabolovka 2.0". BRAM Technologies as well as the other Russian developers and integrators of software and hardware solutions for TV and radio broadcast united at the territory of the oldest television center near the Shukhov Tower.


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