Automation Playout in Regional TV-channels of VGTRK

The All-Russia State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company (VGTRK) is the market leader in national broadcast and the leading producer of TV content. Today the Company consists of more than 80 regional TV channels and radio stations that broadcast through all regions of the Russian Federation.

In 2014, under the VGTRK’s global technical modernization project, 38 regional TV channels (the Company’s branches) got new broadcast equipment. The concept of re-equipment was to run the technology of content production in HD format, as well as to automate the process of news, advertising and theme programs production and playout.

VGTRK's new backup TV complex

Russia’s state-owned television and radio broadcaster, VGTRK, announced the launch of a new automated on-Air TV complex (Russian: RAEK) that was developed for the main TV channels backup. Supply of equipment and software, setting up and running of the complex were carried out by specialists of Vidau Systems integration company in partnership with BRAM Technologies, Russian leading developer of videoservers and broadcast automation software.

AutoPlay 5 for the new TRAVEL+ADVENTURE channel

At the end of 2012, BRAM Technologies completed the construction and setting up of on-air control room for broadcasting of the new Travel + Adventure channel owned by the Delta Television company. The customer was ARC Productions production studio, which organized the purchase of equipment and software for the channel broadcasting.

Multi-channel recording at the MB Group company

In March 2012 the BRAM Technologies company launched the project of the SerialCam 2.0 multi-channel recording complex installment within Apple XSAN/Final Cut Pro editing environment. The customer was one of the largest Moscow TV companies – MB group. The core business of the company is programs and TV shows production for central TV channels.


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