The entry-level all-in-one automation system with advanced functional features offers multi-channel broadcast with capability to control a built-in video server, broadcast graphics subsystem and a wide range of studio equipment.

Система для автоматизации телевещания AutoPlay 1 на экране монитора



  • Multi-channel broadcasting
  • Automated execution of two-level hierarchic on-air playlist
    • Clips and blocks playback from the video server
    • Frame accurate VTRs playback
    • Control of various types of built-in or external switchers
    • Logos and graphics overlay
  • Automated insertion of the advertising and information blocks into a retransmission signal on time or by an external GPI/DTMF control signal
  • Automated media ingest on the schedule
  • Media ingest with RS422 deck’s control or manually
  • Broadcast graphics linked to the air’s playlist events or controled independently
  • Computer graphics (CG) playout on-line or in graphic playlist mode
  • Automated dynamic graphics playout (clock, temperature…)
  • As run logging


  • On-air control of video server and built-in switcher
  • On-air control of VCRs and external switchers (Leitch/Harris, Profitt, Les, Kramer, TeleView)
  • Two channels of graphics for all playlist events
  • Standby clip technology
  • Local and network operation of on-air, ingest and graphics composing modules
  • Local and network operation of on-air playlists ads blocks, recording sheets and production modules
  • Support of various ingest types in one recording sheet
  • Visual configuration of the entire system with a graphical representation of the components
  • Graphics templates can use live video, video files, images, text, key-frame animation
  • Advanced playout features:
    • Ability to manually disconnect control station leaving video server to continue playback
    • Ability to continue playback from video servers even if the control module is disconnected due to the network failure
    • Recovery of on-air control at any network workplace
    • Edit of all events settings, including those on-air
  • Advanced playlists features:
    • Editing of on-air playlists
    • Loading of the next playlist without stopping the current one
    • Playlist looping mode
  • Advanced GPI / DTMF control signals operations:
    • Programming of “special” actions in playlist on the control signals
    • Setting up fixed delay for the actions on control signals
    • Ignoring of the control signals that does not get to the set time intervals
  • Open format of playlists and reports for integration with media planning systems
  • Creation of complete or partial copies of on-air playlist on videotape
  • Ability to share between departments the processes of media production for playout