AutoPlay 5 is all-in-one automation system for multi-channel TV playout in SD/HD formats with integrated Media Asset Management (A-MAM) system. Allows broadcasters to create high-technology production environment.

Система для автоматизации телевещания AutoPlay 5 на экране монитора


  • Multi-channel and multi-server broadcasting with capability to generate multiple simultaneous broadcast channels on the principle of “The main – Reserve” paths
  • Multi-user management at all production stages: planning, media materials preparing, playout, archive
  • Distributed storage of all operational and stock media content with a quick search and instant access to any of them
  • Multi-channel server broadcasting with the ability of video record, edit and playout using TimeDelay technology
  • Computer graphics and channel branding by means of the integrated AutoGraph system
  • Automated archiving of media materials with video servers storage clean up and files transfer to the archive according to the rules defined
  • Centralized administration of the entire complex with the ability to monitor all the automated processes and system components from any network station
  • Reports generation on the actions of the system and users with the preset detail level


Интерфейс Air24

Management of Content Storage in the Network, on a Videotape and External Digital Storage Devices

  • Multiple video and media servers support
  • Tape and optical libraries support
  • Working with videotapes and external digital storage devices (optical disks, flash drive)
  • Work with cartridges and external digital media (optical disks, flash storage)
  • Video, graphics, audio and video&audio clips storage

Management of Media Content Ingest and Import

  • Import and export of media files in Microsoft AVI, MXF, Apple QuickTime formats
  • Multi-channel ingest to the Azimuth video servers on schedule or manualy, with RS422 deck’s control
  • Creating of a low-resolution copies in sync with the file import or record
  • Preview and edit of the available piece of a file during import or imgest process

Instant Multi-User Access to the Necessary Media Content

  • Metadata storage in database under Microsoft SQL Server control
  • Many standard data fields for each clip
  • Ability to create additional descriptive fields and classification
  • A quick search on selected fields/all fields/fulltext search
  • Instant access to media files preview regardless of storage place
  • Ability to preview of a media file copy in low resolution
  • Direct access to the AutoPlay database and media files from special application under OSX
Скриншот программы DataBase для автоматизации телевещания

Organization of Media Materials Delivery to the Customer

  • Automatic delivery of content from any network place to playout video servers
  • Development of an optimal route and data rate based on the evaluation of the network traffic load/ performance and nodes
  • Move and copy of files between network nodes in the system with a capability of video and audio processing
  • Integrated video-processor with capabilities of the format (container) changing, transcoding and low resolution copies forming Integrated sound-processor: normalization, noise reduction, compressor/limiter 
  • Simultaneous multi-channel video and audio processing on any network node complex, including dedicated processing servers
  • Files transfer from servers to tape/external storages and back
  • Multi-user monitoring and control of import and copying (inclusive of the user rights) tasks processing conveyor

Organization of Multi-Channel Server Broadcasting

  • Creation of several broadcast channels from synchronous air paths by Main – Standby type with the control from one on-air playlist
  • Initiation of new video servers into service and server equipment defensive shut off without broadcasting complex stop
  • Control of multiple broadcasting channels or paths from one client module
  • Automatic on-air playlist execution with possibility to organize a path-through channel
  • Playout of files that that are in the process of recording, import or copy
  • Playout of loop-files of the TimeDelay system
  • Possibility of autonomous playout while the on-air module has been disconnected
  • Recovery of the broadcasting control from any network workplace
  • Standby Clip broadcasting protection technology
  • On-air playlist editing with the possibility to insert the events from the database and other playlists 
  • Possibility to set different types of secondary events: overlaying graphics, GPI signals generation, the main events recording
  • Editing of the primary and secondary events settings, including that are on Air
  • Extended operation with GPI/DTMF external control signals 
  • Open playlists and reports format for integration with media planning systems
  • As run logging for each broadcasting channel
  • Possibility to export reports into files of standard text and tabular formats
Модуль доступа к клипам AutoPlay 5 из Final Cut Pro

Broadcasting Graphics with the Built-in Graphics Subsystem

  • Use of graphic templates with elements of live video, video files, images, text, key-frame animation and dynamically changing data (clock, temperature … ) 
  • Graphic design of each broadcasting channel with linking to the air’s playlist events or independently
  • Simultaneous playout of up to six tracks of linked graphics with an unlimited number of graphical objects on the track for each playlist event
  • Simultaneous playout of up to six additional graphical objects of unlinked graphics online and in graphical playlist mode
Схема работы AutoPlay с простыми и сложными каналами воспроизведения