TimeRunner SE

TimeRunner SE is a system that provides multichannel record and slow-motion TV replay in SD/ HD/UHD formats during live events and shows broadcast.


  • Broadcast recording on the input camera channels (from 1 to N) with the possibility of simultaneous replay
  • Selection of unlimited quantity of key moments (highlights) on any channel
  • Possibility to edit the selected moments with setting of the exact In and Out marks
  • Immediate creation of a set from the selected scenes for its playout at any time with a dynamically changing speed from 0 to 200 % or -200% to 200 %, without interrupting the recording process
  • Selection of one of the interpolation methods for the quality slow motion replay
  • Mixer effect applying between the scenes during slow motion replay
  • Possibility to import animation files with alfa-channel and their further use in a process of replay
  • Possibility to prepare interim and final summary about the most exciting moments of the broadcast directly during the event recording
  • Possibility to export the reports on broadcasting and the whole recorded material to DVD
  • Signals creation and ingest to control the air clip blocks from the other TimeRunner SE server blocks
  • Independent network places of different functionality with the possibility of their collaboration and connection during the system operation



  • Synchronous recording of video, audio and time code from unlimited number of sources to the disk array(s)
  • Highlighting key (scoring) moments
  • Compilation of clips sets from the highlighted material and its playback with dynamically changing speed

TimeRunner SE produces these operations without interrupting the recording process. The signal recording is carried out in compressed or uncompressed form that is necessary to obtain maximum image quality of replays.

TimeRunner SE has a distributed multi-user environment with multi-functional working stations. Multi-server ideology provides unobstructed expansion in a number of input and output channels and allows configuring the system for any creative task and the required number of working stations in the field or in a studio. Independent network places of different functionality gives the possibility of their collaboration and connection during the system operation.

The system is capable to store and apply complex graphics and animation elements for replays graphics.

Additional Advantages

  • Customizable keyboards shortcuts for system control
  • Clear and easy interface
  • Functional and ergonomic control panel with Sony Jog-Shuttle and T-bar handle


Multi-channel recording and slow-motion replay in SD/HD/UHD during sports, live events and shows broadcast, highlighting key moments