Playlist preparation and scheduled playout control software module for the AutoPlay automation system. Director’s/playout operator’s workstation.

  • Network-based, multi-user preparation and editing of playlists containing clips, blocks, live feeds, TimeDelay cyclic files, graphics, subtitles and equipment control commands.
  • Preview of playlist items (including secondary events like graphics and subtitles) in a software player from any workstation on the AutoPlay system’s network.
  • Single or multiple on-air schedule control in standalone or redundant modes.
  • Automatic propagation of changes in the on-air schedule to the playlists of 3rd party trafic/planning systems.
  • Automated scheduled playout with graphics, teletext/subtitle insertion, sound level normalization, 3rd party equipment control.
  • Ability to change any property of any event in the on-air schedule at any moment.
  • Logging of all system and operator activity.