Multichannel on-air graphics system. Renders in real time and plays out images, captions, tickers, static / animated branding and dynamically updated external data sources.


  • Multichannel graphics in live events coverage; 
  • MOS protocol synchronization for news rundowns; 
  • Graphics applied to pass-through signal; 
  • Fill and Key signal forming; 
  • 4 graphics channels controlled from single user interface; 
  • Up to 6 objects in each graphics channel (up to 24 graphics objects per video channel); 
  • Realtime text and graphical data presentations with manual or automatic updating (time, weather, SMS and messengers etc) 
  • Independent operation or a linked mode with the APX MAM system  


  • Multilayer templates support 
  • Unlimited number of objects in a template (live video, mediafiles, images, text, tickers, scrollers etc); 
  • Key-frame animation of elements in templates; 
  • Automatic font scaling and hyphenation in textboxes; 
  • Adapdtive dynamic captions and masks; 
  • Programmed object interactions; 
  • Unicode for multilingual text and special character support; 
  • Automatic phase adjustment for animations when template duration is changed; 
  • Straightforward template import/export; 
  • Preparation of graphics playlists possible on the video server or any workstation on the same network; 
  • Graphics playlist on-air now still can be edited; 
  • Automatic playlist refresh when MOS protocol update is received; 
  • Ability to store templates in the APX MAM system’s database; 
  • Synchronized graphics playout on all channels; 
  • Independent control of each graphics object; 

Typical applications 

  • Automated multichannel on-air graphics 
  • Multichannel graphics for live news and sports production 


  • User interface and rendering engine enhancements
  • More flexibility when putting graphics on-air
  • Improved tickers and crawls
  • Editable ticker feeder playlists