AMX is developed for multi-channel recording of synchronous audio and video signals. The system is the ideal solution for control broadcast recording.


  • 24/7/365 recording of an unlimited number of video signals and IP streams of varied types and formats 
  • Visual monitoring of recorded SDI channels and IP streams from any client workplace 
  • Automatic quality control of incoming signal 
  • Automation system integration for recieving and anylysing on-air metadata 
  • Fast search of required video segment and its export to social media 
  • Individual user rights assignment for preview, recording control and export for each channel 
  • A cross-platform web client allowing simultaneous preview of up to 16 channels 


  • Digital video and audio signal recording from SDI interfaces 
  • RTP/RTSP/SPTS/MPTS network stream recording 
  • Automatic and manual loop recording with configurable loop duration and file segment size 
  • Unlimited number of recording channels and servers in a single system 
  • One-time, repeating and scheduled recording jobs 
  • Individual recording schedules for channels or groups of channels 
  • Auxilary signal recording: IP CCTV cameras, control room monitor capture, studio intercom etc 
  • Adaptive “burn-in” of channel name, date and timecode into recorded videos 
  • IP stream formation for remote visual monitoring of recorded material  
  • SD and HD subtitle detection and playout for incoming signals and recorded mediafiles 
  • Closed captions recording with a burn-in option for mediafile export 
  • Configurable multiviewer templates 
  • LUFS analysys and level display for a chosen program segment 
  • Quick access to a chosen time interval of a selected channel 
  • Automatic and manual export of material segments to external file 


ScreenCaster extension for workstation desktop video capture

  • Recording and monitoring capabilities as with any other source in AMX
  • Ability to select one or multiple monitors for capture on each workstation
  • Flexible image quality and framerate settings
  • Hardware-accelerated encoding on nVidia boards
  • Audio recording from workstation microphones
  • Switchable keyboard and mouse key press capture and burn-in into video stream
  • Floating network licenses