APX is the most powerful all-in-one automation system for multi-channel TV playout in SD/HD/UHD formats. An integrated Media Asset Management (APX MAM) system provide APX 7 with capability to manage studio equipment.


  • Multi-channel and multi-server broadcasting with management of the Azimuth video servers, switches, VCRs, logo and titles generators, keyers and other devices Broadcasting with capability to generate multiple simultaneous broadcast channels on the principle of “The main – Reserve” paths
  • Studio equipment management with the use of specialized device controllers
  • Multi-user management at all production stages: planning, media materials preparing, playout, archive
  • Distributed storage of all operational and stock media content with a quick search and instant access to any of them
  • Multi-channel server broadcasting with the ability of video record, edit and playout using TimeDelay technology
  • Graphic design of TV channels by means of the integrated AutoGraph system and external logo and title generators
  • Automated archiving of media materials with video servers storage clean up and files transfer to the archive according to the rules defined
  • Centralized administration of the entire complex with the ability to monitor all the automated processes and system components from any network station
  • Reports generation on the actions of the system and users with the preset detail level


Management of Content Storage in the Network, on a Videotape and External Digital Storage Devices

  • Multiple video and media servers support
  • Tape and optical libraries support
  • Working with videotapes and external digital storage devices (optical disks, flash drive)
  • Work with cartridges and external digital media (optical disks, flash storage)
  • Video, graphics, audio and video&audio clips storage

Management of Media Content Ingest and Import

  • Import and export of media files in Microsoft AVI, Avid OMF, Apple QuickTime formats
  • Multi-channel recording to the Azimuth video servers on schedule or manualy, with RS422 deck’s control, including VITC
  • Simultaneous recording to multiple Azimuth video servers
  • Creating of a low-resolution copies in sync with the file import or record
  • Review and edit of the available piece of a file during import or recording process
Скриншот программы DataBase 2 для автоматизации телевещания

Instant Multi-User Access to the Necessary Media Content

  • Metadata storage in database under Microsoft SQL Server control
  • Many standard data fields for each clip
  • Ability to create additional descriptive fields and classification
  • A quick search on selected fields/all fields/fulltext search
  • Instant access to media files review regardless of storage place
  • Ability to review of a media file copy in low resolution
  • Direct access to the APX database and media files from special application under OSX

Organization of Media Materials Delivery to the Customer

  • Automatic delivery of content from any network place to the Azimuth playout video servers
  • Development of an optimal route and data rate based on the evaluation of the network traffic load/ performance and nodes
  • Move and copy of files between network nodes in the system with a capability of video and audio processing
  • Integrated video-processor with capabilities of the format (container) changing, transcoding and low resolution copies forming Integrated sound-processor: normalization, noise reduction, compressor/limiter
  • Simultaneous multi-channel video and audio processing on any network node complex, including dedicated processing servers
  • Files transfer from servers to tape/external storages and back
  • Multi-user monitoring and control of import and copying (inclusive of the user rights) tasks processing conveyor
Модуль доступа к клипам AutoPlay 7 из Final Cut Pro

Organization of Multi-Channel Server Broadcasting

  • Formation of several broadcast channels from synchronous air paths by Main – Standby type with the control from one on-air playlist
  • Possibility of hardware resources redistribution between air paths without broadcasting stop Initiation of new equipment (video servers, video recorders, etc.) into service and existing equipment defensive shut off without broadcasting complex stop
  • Control of multiple broadcasting channels or paths from one client module
  • Automatic on-air playlist execution with possibility to control a wide range of equipment: video servers, switchers, VCRs, logo and title generators, keyers and other devices
  • Playout of files that that are in the process of recording, import or copy
  • Playout of loop-files of the TimeDelay system
  • Possibility of autonomous playout while the on-air module has been disconnected
  • Recovery of the broadcasting control from any network workplace 
  • Standby Clip broadcasting protection technology
  • On-air playlist editing with the possibility to insert the events from the database and other playlists
  • Possibility to set different types of secondary events: overlaying graphics, GPI signals generation, the main events recording
  • Editing of the primary and secondary events settings, including that are on Air
  • Extended operation with GPI/DTMF external control signals
  • Open playlists and reports format for integration with media planning systems
  • As run logging for each broadcasting channel
  • Possibility to export reports into files of standard text and tabular formats
Схема работы AutoPlay с простыми и сложными каналами воспроизведения

Broadcasting Graphics with the Built-in Graphics Subsystem

  • Broadcasting graphic design by means of the Azimuth video servers and TitleStationNET graphic stations 
  • Control of external keyer, logo and title generators
  • Use of graphic templates with elements of live video, video files, images, text, key-frame animation and dynamically changing data (clock, temperature … )
  • Graphic design of each broadcasting channel with linking to the air’s playlist events or independently
  • Simultaneous playout of up to six tracks of linked graphics with an unlimited number of graphical objects on the track for each playlist event
  • Simultaneous playout of up to six additional graphical objects of unlinked graphics online and in graphical playlist mode


MS SQL Server

Storage AVI, MOV, MXF, MP4
Export AVI, MOV, MXF, MP4
Project export as XMLAdobe Premiere, Apple Final Cut Pro, GV Edius

 AVI 32bit, TGA 32 bit, TPJ
Storage TPJ

Import / Export


Videoservers Azimuth

SD 720х576, 50i/25p
HD 1920х1080, 50i/25p
UHD 3840х2160, 25p

Video 3G/HD/SD-SDI

Audio SDI Embedded, AES Unbalanced


IP multicast: mpeg4 h.264/ mpeg2 h.263

Cross conversion HD/SD

IP preview

Files AVI, MOV, MXF, MP4

Videotape Recorder RS-422A

Graphics server Azimuth, Carrot, Miranda, VizRT

Subtitles generator Azimuth

Formats SD: ETS 300 706; HD: OP-47


  • Over-the-shoulder connection to playout control module for staff training and supervision
  • 64 Bit Software Architecture
  • New Possibilities for Working with Clip Statuses
  • Production Storage Quotas
  • TimeDelay Server Redundancy
  • Integration with CG Solutions Carrot Broadcast
  • Sony Optical Disc Archive Petasite System Support
  • Clustered LTO Library Connections
  • Extended Options for MAM User Rights Management
  • APX Advantages of File Naming
  • A completely New Subtitle Engine
  • Proprietary .asb subtitle file format with full text formatting.asb
  • Multilingual Subtitle Support in APX Playout
  • Automatic Subtitle Import and Full Logging Subtitle Operations
  • Two-tiered news rundowns with blocks 
  • All-new HTML print server with template management for the NewsX NRCS
  • Sending CG Playlists to TitleMix by MOS
  • Dynamic Caption Templates

  • SCTE-104 Playout Support 
  • VBI in TimeDelay and pass-through 
  • Clip Quick-cut in on-air Rundown 
  • Parallel Video and Sound Processing when Importing Media Files 
  • Customizable Condition Lists in Search Filters