A specialized software module for automated watchfolder import of mediafiles into the AutoPlay system. The watchfolders can be located on any server or workstation anywhere on the the production network. Dedicated render and copy servers can be added for high performance, and the progress and error control of file operations is available in the Copy Monitor module from any workplace.

User interface FileImporter
  • Automated mediafile ingest into the AutoPlay enterprise media workflow system 
  • Parallel processing of multiple incoming/source watchfolders 
  • Separate mediafile processing settings for each incoming/source folder 
  • Comprehensive file type support: video, audio, graphics, subtitles 
  • Automatic creation of new AutoPlay MAM clips if none existed previously 
  • Additional video processing during import: re-incoding, standard conversion, aspect change with support for vertical formats 
  • Additional audio processing during import: level limiting, boosting or normalization, customizable equalizer, RMS, ITU R-128, track mapping 
  • Preview, playout and editing support for growing files during import 
Workinf with FileImporter