graphics templates

Dynamic Caption Templates 

With our Dynamic Captions, the journalists filling in these templates do not need to worry if the text will fit or if there would be blank space left in the end.

Mos protocol

Sending CG Playlists to TitleStation Mix by MOS for manual control 

We have developed the possibility to send the CG playlist from NewsAir to our TitleStation Mix graphics system via the MOS protocol.

All-new HTML print server

All-new HTML print server with template management for the NewsHouse NRCS 

Despite having access not only to a teleprompter, but also an NRCS interface on a monitor or a tablet, modern news presenters often prefer having the rundown printed out for them.

news rundowns with blocks

Two-tiered news rundowns with blocks 

The rundowns in NewsHouse have become dual-tiered, and can now contain blocks as well as single events. Blocks make manipulations with logically connected events in a rundown easier.

Automatic Subtitle Import and Full Logging Subtitle Operations

AutoPlay now can import srt, stl, xif and proprietary asb format subtitle files from local or network locations. All operations are now logged into the Report Manager.

Multilingual Subtitle Support in AutoPlay Playout

AutoPlay, when used as a playout automation system, can insert subtitles into channels playing out from Azimuth videoservers in all the world’s languages.

International women’s day March 8 congratulations

On the occasion of March 8, all BRAM Technologies wish every women happiness, health, success and prosperity in the years ahead.


.asb Subtitle File Format with Full Text Formatting

In response to customer demands we have developed our own .asb subtitle file format, which unlike the very basic .srt supports all rich text capabilities.

Teleprompter module

A completely new subtitle engine

We’ve developed a new cross-platform subtitle rendering engine, which adds flexibility and extends subtitle formation and insertion capabilities.

Sony Petasite

Sony Optical Disc Archive (PetaSite) System Support

AutoPlay MAM not only supports library LTO solutions but integrates with the Sony Optical Disc Archive (PetaSite) system.