New capabilities in BRAM Technologies TitleStation Mix

Server redundancy and a library for most used on-air graphics systems.

The new release of our TitleStation Mix on-air graphics system that we demonstrated at trade shows last year is now in active use with our customers, mainly in live news production. We’d like to highlight the following from its extensive list of new features:   

  • Dual server operation (main/backup) 

The TitleStation Mix client can now be set up to use a backup Azimuth videoserver. The graphics templates are stored on both servers, and the control commands are sent to the main and backup servers simultaneously, allowing to switch over to backup instantly if a technical problem occurs. The backup does not need to be a dedicated Azimuth videoserver. For example, a free channel can be designated for graphics backup on a server normally used for recording during show production. Solutions of this sort help our customers to increase the utilization of their existing infrastructure and add fault tolerance without a need for new capital expenses. 

  • A library for commonly used graphics objects 

A new panel called the “Titles library” was added in TitleStation Mix CG operators now can store their most used filled-in graphics templates right in the TitleStation Mix client. Besides making on-air operations easier and faster, this allows to avoid mistakes in the spelling of complicated names and locations and also brings more options for managing technical issues.  

The Titles library can be automatically populated from incoming MOS playlists, with object deduplication and “last time on air” timestamps. 

If an integration with the NewsHouse NRCS is licensed, the Titles library contents can be filled from the NewsPlan NRCS client and will be available on all connected TitleStation Mix graphics workstations. The CG operators can then easily switch between shared and local libraries in the TitleStation Mix clients.

These new features have been developed to meet the demands of our existing customers and will continue to evolve, making the TitleStation Mix on-air graphics system more reliable and convenient for all users. Follow our news updates on the topic – or send a request for a personalized remote demonstration in the “Order a demo” section of our website today! 

Title Station Mix