ScreenCaster – a new extension for the AirMonitor

BRAM Technologies presents a workstation desktop capture extension for AirMonitor.

ScreenCaster encodes desktop output into rtsp streams which are sent to AirMonitor servers for recording and monitoring. It can also burn keyboard and mouse key presses into the recorded video.

ScreenCaster is designed to replace hardware (hdmi splitters and encoders) and open-source (OBS, ffmpeg) or proprietary protocol (NDI tools) software solutions.

It’s possible to select the optimal framerate, resolution and stream bitrate for every monitor output on every workstation, depending on its importance and available hardware resources (cpu, performance, nVidia cards for hardware encoding).

Floating network licenses make it easy to add or remove workstations where desktop capture and recording is enabled. AirMonitor’s cross-platform web client allows real-time monitoring and recorded video review from any workplace on the production network, which makes evaluating existing or on-boarding new personnel a breeze.

Stay tuned, as we’ll be introducing a second exciting usage scenario for ScreenCaster soon!