NewsX is a revolutionary system aimed to create high-technology production environment for news preparation and playout. The system allows to connect all news production departments. NewsHouse helps to build a digital tapeless news production and playout technology.

Open modular architecture of the system allows to build a unique NewsX system from different components, which will satisfy the solution of the targets. The system can always be extended as the business grows.

Transparency of the materials movement in the technological chain and control at each production stage significantly reduce the time and maintenance costs and improve the efficiency of information service operations.

Integrated MAM (Media Asset Management) System

NewsX system has a network distributed structure that includes many software and hardware components. Software components of the system are the integrated MAM (Media Asset Management) system and a number of multi-functional client modules. Hardware components are media and video servers, tape and optical libraries, client workstations. All hardware components are consolidated into a single network that provides a digital way of moving media data from collecting to release.

The embedded database of the MAM system contains the entire text and service information of NewsX. By means of advanced search algorithms, MAM organizes compartmented multiuser access to the database, supports distributed media content storage and provides complete freedom to manage media files inside NewsX. Innovative technology based on the theory of graphs allows optimally implement any user and system requests.

Скриншот интегрированной системы A-MAM

Media Data Collecting and Production

The necessary materials for news preparation include: video, audio, graphics and text. Video materials can be captured to a disk storage system of video server from a controlled VTR, from any video resource manually or automatically on the schedule.

Continuous record “in a loop” of news agencies video materials disallows to miss any frame of unscheduled «hot» news without requiring unlimited disk space.

There is an ability to import files recorded on cameras with solid-state and optical drive. The supported formats are: AVI, QuickTime, and MXF. Pre-assembled materials can be imported from NLE systems. Specialized graphics templates for quick news titles creation are generated by means of the TitleEdit editor integrated in NewsX.

Text materials can be recorded in the system in automatic or manual modes. There is an ability to record RSS news feeds. 

News Production

From the media collected from various sources, news stories and issues are generated. For its creation and editing, there are separate software modules that can be installed on network workstations. The number of simultaneously working modules of news preparing and playout in the NewsX system is almost unlimited.When creating a news scenario plan, journalist has an access to all materials registered in the NewsX system. Graphics, sound and video files can be stored on the media and video servers, on tape or optical libraries, external computer storages or videotapes. That means, that materials can be stored anywhere, but it does not matter for a journalist, because they are always at his hand. With the help of unique tools of describing and progressive searching technology in the NewsX system, the necessary material can be found in a second. The work with videos can be carried out both in high and low resolution. Working with low resolution videos is very useful for multi-user configurations, as it significantly reduces the network and disk load.

Text, video, sound and graphics – everything is synchronized in news scenario plan. News supply is based on various forms of materials. NewsHouse allows to implement them all: synchron, studio, shot, voice over, graphics insertion, etc.). ** All terms used in the standard NewsHouse system can be changed by the user to any convenient.

The news video review with reference to the text with 8 audio channels and 4 graphics tracks is available at any time, at any workplace.

NewsX offers simultaneous multi-user work both on one issue, and one piece of news. In addition, a journalist can work with multiple releases and news. The editor has the ability of a remote control over all the ongoing work of journalists in real time. He can get involved in it, if necessary.

In order to exclude the conflict in simultaneous operation of several editors and journalists on the same project, every user is given the rights, under which he/she can make certain changes to the project. Thus, any employee has a limited working area, beyond which he/she has no access to the process.

Скриншот программы NewsPlan для подготовки новостей


For more efficient and easy news blocks creation, the NewsX system includes an updated NewsBase module. The module allows editing video and audio fragments with simple transition effects overlay, titles and graphics creation. Finished news stories are then played back from the Azimuth video servers.

Скриншот программы NewsBase для подготовки новостей


Prepared, verified and signed news blocks goes on Air. The core of the process is Azimuth 12 video server, which allows to implement all the variations of material supply: clips and blocks playback from the video server, playback of Adobe Premiere and Apple Final Cut Pro editing projects, playback from the controlled VTRs, titles and graphics overlay, mixers and switchers control.

During playout, the playlist and including events editing is allowed. Any change of the issue plan automatically leads to changes in the video’s, graphics’ and prompter’s playlists. Clips can be added, and deleted. Moreover, its order and properties can be changed. Each clip can start after the end of the previous one manually from external GPI signal or playout switcher. The issue control is carried out locally or remotely. Depending on the requirements, the NewsX system allows to organize as a fully automated news playout, and operations in standard mode with the anchor man.

Скриншот программы NewsAir для подготовки новостей

New features

  • User interface and rendering engine enhancements. 
  • More flexibility when putting graphics on-air. 
  • Improved tickers and crawls. 
  • Editable ticker feeder playlists. 
  • Two-tiered news rundowns with blocks 
  • New Printing for NRCS Software Module NewsPlan 
  • Sending CG Playlists to TitleStation Mix by MOS 
  • Dynamic caption templates 
New NewsHouse features