APX MAM is media asset storage and management system. The system helps to create a single hightechnology production environment.


  • A comprehensive solution enabling highly efficient workflow technology for broadcasters 
  • An end-to-end TV channel content pipeline in a single system* 
  • Multiuser collaboration with access rights assignment to assets and operations. 
  • Flexible configurations for constructing and supporting any workflow types. 
  • Cross-platform desktop and web clients 
  • High data availability and distributed media asset storage 
  • Solution scalability: from a personal video archive to corporate installations of any complexity level 
  • Open architecture for integration with 3rd party systems 

* providing ingest, quality control, video and audio processing, NLE, news production and playout, planning and scheduling, graphics and subtitle preparation, playlist creation and playout automation, internet publishing, archive, compliance recording and broadcast analytics. 


  • Video, audio, graphics and subtitle file import 
  • Multichannel ingest with Studio X 
  • Format-agnostic internet-sourced media file ingest 
  • Manual and automatic media file import, export and migration actions 
  • Audio and video file processing and normalisation 
  • Rule and status-based material migration scheduling 
  • Quality control and asset logging 
  • Multiple proxy file types for specific applications 
  • Distributed media file storage 
  • Standard and custom asset management fields for quick search 
  • NewsHouse news production and playout subsystem 
  • Built-in cut NLE and integration with 3rd party craft editing stations 
  • Graphics and subtitle preparation 
  • Playout automation 
  • Direct archive library control and integration with 3rd party archive management systems 
  • Media file export profiles for websites and social media 
  • Compliance recording and broadcast analytics 


  • New web client allowing file import, export and preview and metadata entry for remote users
  • Internet-sourced mediafile ingest and normalization with no external transcoder required
  • Automatic and manual mediafile QC
  • Categories for markers in clips for better logging and export to 3rd party systems
  • Clip and metadata publishing to messengers and social networks
  • Sony Optical Disc Library support for long-term archive storage.