NTV – on air with subtitle insertion on Azimuth-TT videoservers 

NTV channel has started broadcasting for the Moscow region with close caption on Azimuth-TT videoservers.

gtrk Chukotka

Large-scale renovation in GTRK «Chukotka»

GTRK «Chukotka» is a member of Federal State Unitary Enterprise “The Russian Television and Radio Broadcasting Company“. It is based in the farthest part of Russia in the city of Anadyr. Recently it saw a large-scale renovation. While our specialists were busy with training it was running in Test mode. Now the broadcaster is equipped with the state-of-the-art technology.

GTRK Irkutsk

GTRK «Irkutsk» to deliver real-time stories with NewsHouse

BRAM Technologies, a leading manufacturer of software products for broadcasters, media companies, content producers, commercial networks, operators and government organizations, has installed a next-generation multi-platform newsroom NewHouse to GTRK «Irkutsk».

ВГТРК Автоматизированный комплекс РАЭК

VGTRK’s new backup TV complex

Russia’s state-owned television and radio broadcaster, VGTRK, announced the launch of a new automated on-Air TV complex (Russian: RAEK) that was developed for the main TV channels backup. Supply of equipment and software, setting up and running of the complex were carried out by specialists of Vidau Systems integration company in partnership with BRAM Technologies, Russian leading developer of videoservers and broadcast automation software.

GTRK «Ural» Invests in BRAM Technologies Newsroom Platform

BRAM Technologies announces the completion of a newsroom computer system at GTRK «Ural».
The system is running on Azimuth servers from BRAMTechnologies and comprises a full set of available options including

ГТРК Дагестан обучение сотрудников

GTRK «Dagestan» Brings its News Production into the Fututre with BRAM Technologies

Our very own NRCS & News Operations platform NewsHouse will power GTRK «Dagestan» digital transformation.
Together with Playout Automation system AutoPlay and videoservers Azimuth from BRAM Technologies the installation will equip the broadcaster with the state-of-the-art media production workflow.

Процесс обучения на ГТРК Нижний Новгород

BRAM Technologies’s NewsHouse is at GTRK «Nizhniy Novgorod»

A broadcaster from the town of Nizhniy Novgorod, a member of VGTRK (one of the largest media corporations, a leading broadcaster and content producer in Russia) needed a reliable and yet very flexible newsroom computer system that could be adapted to their needs. These demands drew them to our NewsHouse, a solution with a deep expertise of NRCS.

ГТРК Мурман рабочий процесс

WHY GTRK «Murman» Chose BRAM Technologies?

GTRK «Murman» has turned to BRAM Technologies for NRCS NewsHouse recently. They identified our newsroom computer system as the ideal news production platform.
They are using it to produce local news which air each day. This provides an update of current events in the region.

ГТРК Югория рабочие места

GTRK «Yugoria» Chose BRAM Technologies’ s NRCS NewsHouse

With its enhanced tools for planning, ingest, scripting, editing, production, playout, analysis and archive including some of the newer features to facilitate content distribution through Internet GTRK «Yugoria» turned to BRAM Technologies ’ s NRCS NewsHouse.