ГТРК Мурман рабочий процесс

WHY GTRK «Murman» Chose BRAM Technologies?

GTRK «Murman» has turned to BRAM Technologies for NRCS NewsHouse recently. They identified our newsroom computer system as the ideal news production platform.
They are using it to produce local news which air each day. This provides an update of current events in the region.

ГТРК Югория рабочие места

GTRK «Yugoria» Chose BRAM Technologies’ s NRCS NewsHouse

With its enhanced tools for planning, ingest, scripting, editing, production, playout, analysis and archive including some of the newer features to facilitate content distribution through Internet GTRK «Yugoria» turned to BRAM Technologies ’ s NRCS NewsHouse.

Здание ГТРК Ямал

BRAM Technologies Delivers Proven Technology Advances for GTRK «Yamal»

We keep equipping VGTRK branches and make training for customers.
As you know the way how a broadcaster’s staff is prepared and qualified to manage TV software solutions, installed, depends the quality of broadcasting, the speed of content delivery and pertinency.

GTRK Sankt-Peterburg

BRAM Technologies’s Workflow Platform NewsHouse is at the Heart of VGTRK Production

August 2019 saw the modernization of GTRK «Saint Petersburg». The channel is dedicated to news broadcast from the studio in Saint Petersburg (the second large city in Russia, which is also known as the north capital of RF).

Рабочая зона ГТРК Курск

BRAM Technologies & Azimuth Soft expand partnership with VGTRK

Today we would like to talk about GTRK «Kursk» a member All-Russian Broadcasting Company VGTRK.

Обучение специалистов ГТРК Магадан

BRAM Technologies helps GTRK «Magadan» meet the challenges of TV Broadcast

BRAM Technologies became the playout automation and news operations software provider by the All-Russia State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company VGTRK and GTRK «Magadan».

ГТРК Тамбов обучение специалистов

BRAM Technologies Accelerates Playout Automation and News Production for GTRK «Tambov»

BRAM Technologies experts were on help to all GTRK «Tambov» trainees in order to deep dive into the automation TV and news operations applications with many demonstrations.

ГТРК Оренбург обучение

GTRK «Orenburg» takes step toward future with BRAM Technologies TV Broadcast Software

BRAM Technologies has delivered an advanced, scalable playout and news production systems for GTRK «Orenburg». Looking to modernize its operations to transform broadcast principles, VGTRK and GTRK «Orenburg» decided to turn to BRAM Technologies.

ГТРК Рязань обучение

BRAM Technologies Assists GTRK «Oka» with an advanced technology foundation

BRAM Technologies experts were on hand at GTRK «Oka» to implement the latest practical solutions to key issues including playout and news production from BRAM Technologies and made training sessions.

ГТРК Курган обучение специалистов

GTRK «Kurgan» Automates Playout with BRAM Technologies

BRAM Technologies has supplied a playout and news production system to GTRK «Kurgan», which is part of All-Russia State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company VGTRK.