BRAM Technologies’s Workflow Platform NewsHouse is at the Heart of VGTRK Production

August 2019 saw the modernization of GTRK «Saint Petersburg». The channel is dedicated to news broadcast from the studio in Saint Petersburg (the second large city in Russia, which is also known as the north capital of RF).

The news workflow is based on Playout Automation solution AutoPlay and NRCS NewsHouse.
NewsHouse manages newswires, story creation and rundowns. It provides several advanced tools for planning, ingest, scripting, editing, production, playout, analysis and archive. Meaning a customer and everything she/he does will be done using one single solution. Which means more content, easy to learn and collaborate.

Studio playout is ensured by Azimuth video servers from BRAM Technologies.

After almost 28 years on air GTRK «Saint Petersburg» had to move from a traditional broadcast base to a more IT. Now the broadcaster will benefit from this significant moving toward nonlinear content.

Hope all specialist will become big fans of the Azimuth Soft technology as there have already been many employments in other branches of VGTRK.