GTRK Ivteleradio

BRAM Technologies upgrades GTRK «Ivteleradio» with software-defined technology

BRAM Technologies was chosen as the preferred technology provider for the acquisition, storage, editing and media management operations of audience breaking events by All-Russia State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company VGTRK and it’s branch GTRK «Ivteleradio».

GTRK Adygeya

BRAM Technologies to help change TV industry

In response to digital broadcast transformation and the need of media companies to maintain their existing assets while planning their move to a software-centric, HD future, BRAM Technologies is working with Azimuth Soft to offer innovative solutions which will enable the customers’ workflows perform better and grow.

ГТРК Вятка

BRAM Technologies has upgraded news production and playout infrastructure

BRAM Technologies has upgraded an existing news production and playout infrastructure at GTRK «Vyatka».

GTRK «Vyatka» is one of the oldest public broadcaster, the member of All-Russia State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company VGTRK in Russia.

ГТРК Горный Алтай

GTRK «Gorniy Altay» makes magic with BRAM Technologies

We are pleased to announce that modernization of GTRK «Gorniy Altay» is on fast-forward.

BRAM Technologies is helping broadcasters to rise to the challenge of HD production while maintaining best-quality for existing workflows.

Вести ГТРК Красноярск

BRAM Technologies replaces legacy Newsroom System at GTRK «Krasnoyarsk»

GTRK «Krasnoyarsk», a subsidiary of “The Russian Television and Radio Broadcasting Company” (VGTRK), operates in the Krasnoyarsk region. It is one of the oldest broadcasters in the area, on air since 1957.

ГТРК Владимир рабочий процесс

The Session to GTRK «Vladimir» Specialists

As plans for 2019 has begun to be put into action we’re always at our customers’ premises for expert advice on all TV automation issues related.

Thank you to all specialists who attended our workshop!

ГТРК Самара парадный вход в здание

BRAM Technologies is welcomed in the city of Samara

We continue equipping the VGTRK subsidiaries. We have been in the city of Samara recently.

ГТРК Ярославия процесс обучения сотрудников

NewsHouse Powers News Production Workflows for GTRK «Yaroslavia»

GTRK «Yaroslavia» has chosen BRAM Technologies for their news production workflows recently. A television channel based in Russia, GTRK «Yaroslavl» provides news for the Yaroslavl region. The broadcaster lacked a single platform for all the staff to manage rundowns. BRAM Technologies together with it’s partnerAzimuth Soft made it possible.

Рабочие места с системой AutoPlay 5 в ВГТРК и техническое оборудование для телевещания

Automation Playout in Regional TV-channels of VGTRK

The All-Russia State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company (VGTRK) is the market leader in national broadcast and the leading producer of TV content. Today the Company consists of more than 80 regional TV channels and radio stations that broadcast through all regions of the Russian Federation.

In 2014, under the VGTRK’s global technical modernization project, 38 regional TV channels (the Company’s branches) got new broadcast equipment. The concept of re-equipment was to run the technology of content production in HD format, as well as to automate the process of news, advertising and theme programs production and playout.

Заставка французского музыкального телеканала МСМ ТОП, msm top

Customized playout for the MCM TOP TV-channel localization in Russia

Since 2013, the Russian company Ostankino Telecom has been provided broadcasting localization and playout services to its customers. To implement the new project on localization of MCM TOP French music channel broadcasting in Russia it was necessary to buy a reliable playout automation system.