Travel Adventure channel

AutoPlay 5 for the new TRAVEL+ADVENTURE channel

At the end of 2012, BRAM Technologies completed the construction and setting up of on-air control room for broadcasting of the new Travel + Adventure channel owned by the Delta Television company. The customer was ARC Productions production studio, which organized the purchase of equipment and software for the channel broadcasting.

Логотип МБ групп

Multi-channel recording at the MB Group company

In March 2012 the BRAM Technologies company launched the project of the SerialCam 2.0 multi-channel recording complex installment within Apple XSAN/Final Cut Pro editing environment. The customer was one of the largest Moscow TV companies – MB group. The core business of the company is programs and TV shows production for central TV channels.

Технический директор СТС-Волга Василий Новиков

The STS-Volga channel sets up the 5th Azimuth video server

STS-Volga – the branch of the STS TV broadcasting company in Samara – set up the 5th Azimuth video server with AutoPlay software in its technological on-air complex. The original system of media asset management created by the specialists of STS –Volga and AutoPlay playout automation system with TimeDelay option allow to build the most convenient, flexible and efficient automation technology of all broadcasting production and business processes.

ВГТРК вещательный комплекс РАЭБ

Automated On-Air TV complex of VGTRK

At the beginning of 2011, the new Automated On-Air TV complex of VGTRK was launched. It is based on AutoPlay 7 – the most powerful system produced by the BRAM Technologies company.

Initially, the Automated On-Air TV complex (Russian: RAEB) was being developed for the VGTRK’s main broadcast complexes redundancy. Moreover, the goal of the new complex was to provide the transportation of all formed TV programs to the delivery network, signals reception/transmission, its processing and control, as well as TV-radio exchange on the equipment of VGTRK in the territory of TRK2.

ОРТ первый канал логотип

MultiPlayer system for the Channel One Russia

In September 2010, the MultiPlayer system was set up on the Channel One Russia. The system was developed by the BRAM Technologies specialists under the technical requirements of the Channel One Russia. MultiPlayer is aimed for the live studio of Good Morning program design.

The system includes two 4-channel high-resolution Azimuth VS-5804HD video servers. From the 8 video signals of HD-SDI 1080i format 2 video images of non-standard resolution are generated and displayed on video walls.