Automated On-Air TV complex of VGTRK

At the beginning of 2011, the new Automated On-Air TV complex of VGTRK was launched. It is based on AutoPlay 7 – the most powerful system produced by the BRAM Technologies company.

Initially, the Automated On-Air TV complex (Russian: RAEB) was being developed for the VGTRK’s main broadcast complexes redundancy. Moreover, the goal of the new complex was to provide the transportation of all formed TV programs to the delivery network, signals reception/transmission, its processing and control, as well as TV-radio exchange on the equipment of VGTRK in the territory of TRK2.

However, several on-air paths were repurposed from working as redundant to generating permanent VGTRK TV channels. As a result, two TV channels – Strana and Sarafan – went on the air in 24/7 service from the new Automated On-Air TV complex of VGTRK.

Brief description of RAEB powered by AutoPlay 7:

  • Continuous 24/7/365 formation of minimum 14 independent TV programs on 14 TV paths
  • Possibility to form from 2 to 7 TV channels with redundancy by combining 2 arbitrary TV paths
  • Programs playout with minimal operator intervention
  • Automated or manual control of the complex Operational control of programs preparation and formation processes.
  • Permanent indication of TV programs formation process
  • Permanent indication of hardware complex at all workplaces
  • Permanent indication of software complex at an engineer’s workplace
  • Automated and/or manual emergency switch between TV paths, in case of hardware failure, while TV channel’s (the main, redundant paths) forming
  • Automated and/or manual switch to a redundant management of the complex, in case of technological works at the complex
  • Automated Harris playlists transformation
  • Automated system of media materials upload from Omneon videoservers