MultiPlayer system for the Channel One Russia

In September 2010, the MultiPlayer system was set up on the Channel One Russia. The system was developed by the BRAM Technologies specialists under the technical requirements of the Channel One Russia. MultiPlayer is aimed for the live studio of Good Morning program design.

The system includes two 4-channel high-resolution Azimuth VS-5804HD video servers. From the 8 video signals of HD-SDI 1080i format 2 video images of non-standard resolution are generated and displayed on video walls.

The MultiPlayer system plays video materials on prepared playlists. The playlists are controlled either individually for each playlist, or synchronously for any set of playlists. The whole playlist or any of the events of the playlist can be looped. The user interface of MultiPlayer is focused on the use of touch screens, which act as remote controls. The server control is carried out locally or from any remote location on the network.

The past five months of the MultiPlayer’s operation showed its high reliability and ease of use.