The STS-Volga channel sets up the 5th Azimuth video server

STS-Volga – the branch of the STS TV broadcasting company in Samara – set up the 5th Azimuth video server with AutoPlay software in its technological on-air complex. The original system of media asset management created by the specialists of STS –Volga and AutoPlay playout automation system with TimeDelay option allow to build the most convenient, flexible and efficient automation technology of all broadcasting production and business processes.

novikov sm

Vasily Novikov (technical director of STS -Volga): “The advantages of our technology are: – functional completeness (full integration into the business processes of the station); – complete disposal of the regional windows, flexibility, stability, ease of management, reduction of editors staff, total control, including remote control over the playout material…The system is very technological. One person combines issue engineer: issuing director, editing director, traffic – manager, rollers editor…Currently, the system continues to evolve … “

STS-Volga performs retransmission of the STS, Domashniy and Peretz channels and insert the advertising and information blocks into them. The purchase of the 5th Azimuth video server shows that the product fully meets the broadcasting company technical service in terms of performance and reliability.