Multi-channel recording at the MB Group company

In March 2012 the BRAM Technologies company launched the project of the SerialCam 2.0 multi-channel recording complex installment within Apple XSAN/Final Cut Pro editing environment. The customer was one of the largest Moscow TV companies – MB group. The core business of the company is programs and TV shows production for central TV channels.

МБ Групп и BRAM Technologies

SerialCam provides simultaneous synchronous record of 5-camera channels and programs with audio to the Azimuth video server. Media ingest of each channel is carried out into single simultaneous MOV-file or with automation fragmentation of pre-set duration without frames skipping. Audiovisual monitoring of recorded signals is provided in the system interface locally or over IP.

While recording, Serialcam monitor the information about Snell Kahuna video mixer switching and forms the MultiCamera project for Apple Final Cut. When opening the project on the Timeline, the collected during recording process program with switching of camera shots is appeared.

To speed up the technological process, the files are being copied from the video server to editing environment during the recording. It is possible with the MediaSynchronizer online backup server, which allows simultaneously to: – conduct an intelligent reading of data from the Azimuth video server, providing maximum copying flow with maintaining stable recording of 6 video channels without frames skipping; – copy 6 video streams with embedded timecode; – form a low-resolution copy of a channel program with embedded timecode; – create a copy of the Apple Final Cut Pro project file.

Thus, the editing process in XSAN / Final Cut Pro environment can be started during the recording. The created low-resolution copy with timecode allows editors of MB Group to edit remotely from anywhere in the world and the MultiCamera project reduces the editing time. In general, the introduction of new technology makes the process of video production faster and more efficient.