AutoPlay 5 for the new TRAVEL+ADVENTURE channel

At the end of 2012, BRAM Technologies completed the construction and setting up of on-air control room for broadcasting of the new Travel + Adventure channel owned by the Delta Television company. The customer was ARC Productions production studio, which organized the purchase of equipment and software for the channel broadcasting.

The services of ARC Productions and ARC TV dubbing studio

The focus of ARC TV studio is the localization of media products: to take the ready product in a foreign language and give it back in Russian. The preparation process of the final material for delivery to the customer consists of translation, casting, recording and mixing, subtitles adding and graphics making. ARC Productions provides services of content creation for TV channels and offers all the necessary hardware, software, and technological resources for their broadcasting.

The company has a new unique service of creating a separate fully localized version of a foreign channel for the Russian market. The Travel + Adventure channel was created within this new offer. Delta Television get the ready TV channel in HD-SDI format, including the content selection and purchase, adoption, programming and playout.


Among the customers of ARC TV and ARC Productions studios are: Discovery, National Geographic, Viasat, Nickelodeon, Fox International Channels, HBO, Electronic Arts, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Deutsche Welle, Microsoft, Samsung, VGTRK, 7TV, Channel One Russia and others.

The solution developed for the Travel+Adventure channel by BRAM Technologies. Advantages and uniqueness of the new on-air complex.

The new on-air complex for TRAVEL+ADVENTURE channel is controlled by the AutoPlay 5 HD automation playout system. The channel signal is formed in HD and SD formats simultaneously. Each server forms HD flow/picture from SD (upscaling) and HD content in one play-list, imposes graphics and sends media material on 2 outputs – HD and SD (downscaling).At the moment, not all the users have a possibility to receive material in HD format, so the opportunity of automated signal delivery in one or another format for different end-users is a big advantage.

Full redundancy of the complex is provided by:

– 2 Azimuth VS-5812DHD video servers (primary and backup – the “mirror” of the main server)

– 2 SQL database servers (primary and the “mirror” of the database)

– 4 SD + HD channels (primary and backup)

– 2 Ethernet switchers, working in fault tolerance mode

All servers and TV stations are equipped with 2 Ethernet ports. Media materials are prepared on convenient MAC OS X system and stored in QuickTime. MOV format.

One of the main features of AutopPlay 5 HD is that the system is perfectly adapted to the WinTV independent projected planning system. It is very convenient, as the ARC-Productions company prepare TV schedule 1-2 weeks before the playout. Win TV considers media files parameters: quantity, the license terms, the right to put an event in the TV schedule, etc. Final schedules are uploaded from the WinTV to AutoPlay 5 HD, the files are imported from a shared storage.

The process of playout is carried out by means of AutoPlay 5 HD and Azimuth VS-5812DHD video servers. Based on the results, the journal is formed, which is moved to WinTV. The system creates a report about events played. This is necessary, for example when working with advertisers, if it is needed to specify the duration and the number of advertising clip replay within the accuracy of a frame.

An integrated ScreenBox system displays multimedia images on high-resolution monitors. The AirMonitor system records all the output channels in a compact format that allows choose and look over the interesting piece of event at any time after the playout.