BRAM Technologies’s NewsHouse is at GTRK «Nizhniy Novgorod»

A broadcaster from the town of Nizhniy Novgorod, a member of VGTRK (one of the largest media corporations, a leading broadcaster and content producer in Russia) needed a reliable and yet very flexible newsroom computer system that could be adapted to their needs. These demands drew them to our NewsHouse, a solution with a deep expertise of NRCS.

A broadcaster can benefit from:
✅ Seamless integration
✅ Unified planning
✅ One single solution for all the actions
✅ Integrated archive and asset management
✅ Editorial & approval workflows
✅ Control & monitoring

VGTRK specialists and Technical Support staff from BRAM Technologies and Azimuth Soft are keeping busy with training for GTRK «Nizhniy Novgorod» personnel involved.

Thank you for your choice.
And we are always on hand to assist you in your digital transformation.