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NTV – on air with subtitle insertion on Azimuth-TT videoservers 

NTV channel has started broadcasting for the Moscow region with close caption on Azimuth-TT videoservers.

We’re proud to announce that one of BRAM Technologies’ largest customers, the nationwide NTV channel (part of the Gazprom-Media holding), has started broadcasting for the Moscow region with close caption insertion performed on our specialized Azimuth-TT videoservers. 

In this workflow the Program feed is routed to the Azimuth-TT server from a 3rd party 
videoserver. The software running on the Azimuth-TT receives the ID of the currently playing media file from the same 3rd party vendor’s broadcast automation system, reads a subtitle file a network share with a filename matching that ID, then inserts the subtitles into the pass-through feed. If no subtitles are available, a pre-configured message is displayed in compliance with the regulator’s demands. 

The simplicity of set-up, fully automatic operation with no required maintenance, and the reliability and security of the Linux operating system that powers the Azimuth-TT video servers allows for them to be employed even in the most mission-critical workflows of national broadcasters. 

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