GTRK «Irkutsk» to deliver real-time stories with NewsHouse

BRAM Technologies, a leading manufacturer of software products for broadcasters, media companies, content producers, commercial networks, operators and government organizations, has installed a next-generation multi-platform newsroom NewHouse to GTRK «Irkutsk».

The broadcaster goes on air 11 time a day on «Rossiya 1» and «Rossiya 24» TV channels in Irkutsk region with the population of more than 2 million people.
The customer needed an agile platform that can adapt quickly to their business reality.

The digital transformation will move all production operations to the end-to-end news production system NewsHouse with its advanced news production tools, state-of-the-art automation, sophisticated NRCS and enterprise asset management.
All the processes are seamlessly integrated to deliver real-time stories to the fast-paced newsroom.

And we are always happy to improve our customers technology!