Large-scale renovation in GTRK «Chukotka»

GTRK «Chukotka» is a member of Federal State Unitary Enterprise “The Russian Television and Radio Broadcasting Company“. It is based in the farthest part of Russia in the city of Anadyr. Recently it saw a large-scale renovation. While our specialists were busy with training it was running in Test mode. Now the broadcaster is equipped with the state-of-the-art technology.

GTRK «Chukotka» implemented a NewsHouse Newsroom system which had an immediate impact on efficiency and productivity.

This revolutionary approach will enhance delivering real-time stories to the fast-paced newsroom environment and enable to work as a team more efficiently.

From a technical perspective, it was indispensable that the new system would allow journalists, editors, and producers to collaboratively plan, create and deliver news.

All the colleagues from GTRK «Chukotka very much welcomed advanced tools for planning, ingest, scripting, editing, production, playout, analysis and archive.

The Governor of Chukotka region Roman Kopin visited GTRK «Chukotka» in person in order to experience how it all was going there, to speak with the specialists and learn more about the facilities and services.