APX playout automation and Carrot CGs

Sending graphics playlists to a Carrot Broadcast server from the Air playout module by MOS.

We’re glad to inform that MOS-protocol integration with 3rd party graphics is now available on APX sites that do not have the NewsX NRCS installed. From now on it’s possible to send on-air playlists to external devices via MOS from the main Air playout module as well.

One of our biggest customers is already using an integration between our AutoPlay playout automation and Carrot Broadcast on-air graphics. In this project we successfully preserved a workflow inherited from a legacy Imagine ADC system, where on-air playlists are sent to external devices once every 24 hours. This way we were able to reduce staff retraining time and the number of operator errors to a minimum.

In this workflow the Air module connects to the Carrot MOS device when an  AutoPlay/Azimuth playout channel is created, according to the settings in AutoPlay Admin. The on-air playlist in Air highlights the readiness status of graphics events on the Carrot server, with a possibility to manually refresh MOS playlists if required. All standard Air redundancy capabilities are also available for this integration.

In this particular project the CG templates are filled in Carrot’s web application, and the AutoPlay automation sends commands for frame-accurate playout of the finished graphics using ExtID.

Our partnership with Carrot Broadcast is constantly developing, and new collaraborative workflows with their solutions will soon be offered to our customers for all sorts of usage scenarios.

The availability of this mechanism also paves the way for the rapid validation of integrations with any other on-air graphics solutions that use the MOS protocol.