AutoPlay MAM extension for Adobe Premiere

New functionality: APX DataBase Web client now available as a Adobe Premiere panel.

Answering our customers’ requests we’re now offering the DataBase Web MAM client as a built-in Adobe Premiere panel. As well as facilitating media asset search, this solution also streamlines the following workflows for video editors:  

  • Media file import from APX storage into the “Media browser” of a Premiere project now happens at the press of a button in the DatabaseWeb-Premiere panel.

If the imported clip contains markers, for example on black frames detected by AutoPlay automatic quality control, the markers will be transferred into Premiere and shown on the timeline.

If the customer’s site runs NewsX (an NRCS add-on to AutoPlay), a journalist can add a clip into his story in the NewsPlan module, “cut” it with in/out markers in the Media Player and give it a new name. After the source clip is sent to Premiere for editing, it will be imported with this segment highlighted by markers, with its name inherited from the NewsPlan story. 

If a proxy file in a supported format exists in the APX MAM for the imported clip, it will be used in Premiere. It’s easy to see which files are in use in the clip’s properties in the “Media browser” of the Premiere’s project.

  • The export of edited material from Premiere into a new or existing APX MAM clip is now also a one-click action.

It’s possible to select Adobe MediaEncoder when exporting, for example, to use a dedicated server for rendering. .EPR files containing encoding profiles for it are stored in our extension’s folder and can be prepared in advance, distributed to several NLE workstations etc.

Export is performed onto a network path specified in the extension’s config file. From there media files are automatically imported into APX by the FileImporter module, which attaches them to MAM clips by means of ExtID when the “Export to existing clip” option is selected.

For example, if a journalist presses the “Export to NLE” button in the NewsPlan module, an empty clip is automatically created. The video editor can export the result of his/her work to this clip and the journalist will see the finished video inside his story.

Clips imported from Premiere automatically receive markers showing which source files the segments used in the edit came from.

The columns and their order of the clips table displayed in the extension are set in the full DataBase Web client and saved into the user’s profile, safeguarding against unwanted changes made in the panel itself.

A separate slider in the panel allows you to quickly change the font size in the clip list, which can be handy when using high resolution monitors. And the “~” default Premiere hotkey can instantly maximize the DatabaseWeb-Premiere or any other panel. 

As well as all of our next-gen products, DatabaseWeb-Premiere is rapidly evolving, providing our customers with the functionality they want. For example, the panel will soon allow working with projects from our NLE NewsBase which are stored in the APX MAM.

The extension is available for all Adobe Premiere versions starting with 2022. Please contact our system integration partners for compatibility and licensing details.

APX DataBase Web client now available as a Adobe Premiere panel.