MAM AutoPlay with StorNext volumes and other SAN

StorNext volumes and other SAN storage support in AutoPlay MAM.

Our flagship product, the AutoPlay media workflow automation system, usually ships as part of a turn-key solution that includes high-performance production storage servers built by Azimuth Soft.

But quite often a customer would have an existing hi-end storage system, which can be repurposed as the main production storage, or an auxiliary storage location like an exchange folder or an NLE shared space. The legacy storage can also be kept in the new/upgraded facility while the media files are gradually transferred to new systems when the site is already on-air.

These storage systems typically have the SAN (storage area network) architecture, connect to other servers via dedicated high-speed network interfaces and present their resources to operating systems as locally mapped drives using specialized file system drivers like Quantum StorNext.

The AutoPlay MAM now offers complete support both for general-purpose SAN storage and for specialized media file storage solutions. SAN volumes can be added to an AutoPlay site as main and auxiliary storage paths in the same way as with common network locations.

Our customers are already using StorNext volumes for import, export, quality control, NLE and rendering in AutoPlay sites that are currently on-air.

It’s also now possible to build playout and ingest workflows where playing and recording of media files takes place directly from/to a SAN storage.

Our NewsHouse NRCS is directly integrated into AutoPlay, so our customers running news departments and channels were the first to appreciate the advantages brought by faster data access and media turnaround speed possible with direct SAN access.

StorNext volumes and other SAN