NewsBase NLE projects in our MAM extension for Premiere

Browsing and importing NewsBase NLE projects in the Adobe Premiere extension for APX MAM.

We promised – and we delivered. Our Adobe Premiere extension now allows working with NewsBase projects saved in the APX MAM.

The NewsBase NLE module can be added to any APX installation, but it brings most value to the users of our NewX NRCS. In many newsrooms outfitted with our solutions, the journalists are used to editing their own videos for the stories they produce in NewsBase. This allows to bring the news on air faster and ensures transparent responsibility for all the components of a news story. 

One of NewsBase advantages is its ability to save its NLE projects in the APX MAM for secure storage, easy search and collaboration. This can be especially useful in scenarios when a journalist hands over his story to the next newsroom shift or goes back to it on the next day.

On APX sites running the latest version of our web applications the users now can also work with NewsBase projects directly in Adobe Premiere. Our DataBaseWeb-Premiere extension now includes a «News projects» tab similar to the one in the Database desktop MAM client. In this tab a video editor can find the required NewsBase project in the APX MAM and import it into Premiere with a single click. A folder with the media files of all clips used in the project will be automatically created in Premiere’s Media browser.

This kind of flexibility can allow a newsroom team to use the resources available to them more efficiently, for example when a journalist working on an NLE project realises that he needs help from a professional video editor, or that the story’s video could benefit from the use of specialized creative tools available in Premiere.

By the way, similar integrations are available for other craft NLEs besides Adobe Premiere. Contact us, tell us about your workflows and the video editing tools you use, and we’ll be glad to show you the full capability of our solutions.

NewsBase NLE projects in our MAM extension for Premiere