Automated and independent graphics

Technology showcase: automated and independent graphics.

Integrating with Adobe Premiere and NLEs – part 1

Technology spotlight: integrating with Adobe Premiere and other NLEs – part 1. МАМ.

Over-the-shoulder workflows in our solutions

Technology spotlight: over-the-shoulder workflows in BRAM Technologies solutions.

Subtitle Editor – simplified file operations

From now on both media and subtitle files can be opened by simply dragging them onto the Subtitle Editor window.

BRAM Technologies Provides Kultura Channel with Broadcast Automation Solutions

Kultura channel started broadcasting from the new BRAM Technologies playout system.

Azimuth-TT – better performance from backend optimization

We’ve rebuilt the teletext and subtitle inserter service running on the Azimuth-TT videoservers.

Importing images for outline markup 

The editor in Teletext Editor can now import images for outline markup.

Multichannel support in Teletext Suite

A single Azimuth-TT videoserver can now generate subtitle and teletext signal for SD and HD versions of one or more TV channels.

Teletext Editor – attribute display 

The editor in Teletext Editor can now show the positions of attributes.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

All BRAM Technologies wishes you a very happy Christmas and holiday season.