Over-the-shoulder workflows in our solutions

Technology spotlight: over-the-shoulder workflows in BRAM Technologies solutions.

The “over-the-shoulder” term well known in the movie industry has recently received a new meaning in broadcasting and tv production. It’s now commonly used to describe workflows where personnel connect to colleagues’ workplaces and watch them perform their activities. This way a manager can make sure his staff conform to their best practices, and beginners and junior specialists can learn from their more experienced peers. This kind of “over-the-shoulder” functionality is being offered by more and more manufacturers of NLE, remote production and other broadcasting solutions, and we’re happy to announce that the majority of current BRAM Technologies products were designed to provide similar capabilities from the start.

For example, the NewsHouse NRCS offers news editors preview, intercept and change management functions for the stories assigned to the journalists in their teams; with strict rights management preventing workflow disruptions.

The Air playout module of the AutoPlay enterprise media workflow system offers a spectator connection mode since version 7.11, which allows the senior director to assess the on-air crew’s performance without being in the gallery in person – or instruct new team members using real-life playlists in real time.

And the StudioX multichannel recording system used in live production allows users to connect in monitoring mode from any workstation on the network, without any risk of interrupting the record/playback operations.

These “over-the-shoulder” technologies can bring significant benefits to broadcasters, improving the quality of produced content, decreasing the number of errors and technical issues and accelerating and simplifying personnel training.

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