New DataBase Web MAM client

With the rollout of the 7.11 version of our AutoPlay, the new DataBase Web MAM client is now available to customers.

This cross-platform web application offers comprehensive media asset management functionality, including:

  • Manual and automatic (persistent) searching of assets by key works in their names, metadata fields and marker decriptors;
  • Proxy-quality media preview with logging and placement of markers of varied categories, with export capability for digital repurposing;
  • Metadata field and description editing, status changes with transition history;
  • Control of media file availability on production storages and videoserver arrays, with manual copy and transcoding job assignment;

DataBase Web’s elegant UI with a dark theme is well suited for usage in dimmed lighting conditions typical to control rooms and galleries. The possibility to choose required windows and toolbars and save their placement into individual interface templates allows to create ergonomic workspaces for every user or group.

The cutting-edge methods and components utilized in DataBase Web’s development and quality assurance ensure the application’s rapid evolution, bringing the required functionality to users in record time; to simplify version control and upgrade, DataBase Web ships in its own deliverable package, installed onto the main AutoPlay server.
Separate floating licenses are used for client connections, which in some cases allows to reduce the number of required classic AutoPlay DataBase MAM client licences and high-performance workstations for running these applications.

DataBase Web’s capability to run on new devices classes like tablets, touchscreen panels and smart desks creates new creative possibilities in TV show and news bulletin production, providing easy content access to presenters.

Real-world DataBase Web usage scenario:

One of our major customers actively employs manual logging and QC for mediafiles incoming from content providers. In the current state of affairs, the majority of the editors reviewing this content are working from home, using workstations and laptops with various operating systems and processor architectures. The DataBase Web client running in any modern web browser allows them to easily and safely connect to the AutoPlay site via remote access and successfully complete their assignments, ensuring the constant high quality of the broadcaster’s product.