Broadcasting 2020. Competitiveness of Russian broadcast equipment

On-line conference was held on November, 24 The topic on the agenda was «Broadcasting 2020. Competitiveness of Russian equipment».

The moderator was Sergey Efimov the Director of Regional Technical and Production Department with RTR (The Russian Television and Radio Broadcasting Company). The issues discussed included the further development of television and implementation of Russian equipment and software.

One of the speakers was Yuriy Bublikov, the CTO with GTRK «Don-TR», a Russian based broadcaster from the city of Rostov-on-Don. The latter is a member of RTR. Yuriy spoke about his company s experience of implementing a NRCS NewsHouse from BRAM Technologies to facilitate news production. The speaker touched upon import substitution and expanded on the procedure of selecting appropriate technical solution. The choice depended on the following requirements: reliability, flexibility, scalability, intuitive interface, prompt technical support. We are happy to meet these requirements with our very own newsroom management solution NewsHouse. It was created and upgraded according to the broadcaster ‘s requests and now it has become part of their life. Switching to the Russian software did not disrupt the workflow.

Those who joined the conference had a chance to hear Andrey Nikitin, the CTO with GTRK «Chuvashia». He gave a talk about the using of Russian broadcasting equipment in their workflow. Andrey highlighted the fact that being part of the joined effort, they used similar type of the equipment and software. He paid special attention to flexibility of the solutions provided. The technical team appreciated the high quality of these user friendly solutions and the possibility of getting prompt feedback from the manufacturer.

We are grateful to for the enthusiasm, support and positive feedback from the customers. And we are always on hand.