Thank you for coming to meet us at NATEXPO 2021

BRAM Technologies took part in NATEXPO 2021 in Moscow VDNH with the booth.

At NATEXPO 2021 we turned the spotlight on to its latest server-based innovative solutions for broadcasters, media companies, content producers, commercial networks, operators and government organizations to better create, collaborate, control and meet the today’s challenges.

NATEXPO 2021 was held from November 23-25 in Moscow where the visitors to our stand could experience solutions for Playout Automation, NRCS, Live Production, Broadcast Graphics, Teletext & Subtitles: AutoPlayNewsHouse,  StudioX, Teletext Suite with completely new features.

Playout Automation

Azimuth Soft  has a long history of delivering mission-critical playout systems, including its widely deployed and trusted AutoPlay. NATEXPO saw the latest features in MAM and playout functionality.


  • Over 

MAM & Archive

  • New web client allowing file import, export and preview and metadata entry for remote users. 
  • Internet-sourced mediafile ingest and normalization with no external transcoders required. 
  • Automatic and manual mediafile QC. 
  • Categories for markers in clips for better logging and export to 3rd party systems. 
  • Clip and metadata publishing to messengers and social networks. 
  • Sony Optical Disc Library support for long-term archive storage. 


At the heart of Azimuth Soft’ s news operations work with customers is NewsHouse platform, which lets broadcasters maximize the value of their assets and optimize business efficiency. It provides unrivalled  power to collaboratively plan, create and deliver news. Suitable for all newsroom types and sizes it provides several advanced tools for planning, ingest, scripting, editing, production, playout, analysis and archive. NewsHouse saw new features:

  • AP, Reuters, Interfax, Tass,RIA newswire subscriptions and RSS feed acquisition with a new user notification panel
  • Completely new teleprompter module
  • Advanced NewsBase NLE effects: blur, mosaic and many more
  • Instant NLE project playout as a rundown block with no rendering

Live production

StudioX, a particularly useful system for multicamera ingest productions also saw the latest features:

  • New on-air channel view
  • Broader format and codec support
  • Logging, metadata entry and XML generation for Adobe Premiere, Apple Final Cut Pro, GV Edius during multichannel ingest

Teletext & Subtitles

Visitors to NATEXPO 2021 saw a new functionality of our Teletext & Subtitling software Teletext Suite 2021

  • New Teletext Editor interface 
  • Interactive WYSIWYG teletext editing 
  • Freehand pseudographics drawing in Teletext Editor 
  • Multichannel teletext insertion 
  • Teletext for IP channel playout 

Broadcast Graphics

TitleStation Mix,which manages and playouts up to 24 independent graphics templates has new features:

  • User interface and rendering engine enhancements
  • More flexibility when putting graphics on-air
  • Improved tickers and crawls
  • Editable ticker feeder playlists

NATEXPO 2021 also highlighted a new AirMonitor, a Monitoring & Complience Recording system with news functionality:

  • Hybrid multiserver configurations
  • Hardware encoding/decoding acceleration
  • New web client for recorded material viewing and exporting clips
  • Video stream recording