The winners of Bolshaya Tsifra-2014 Awards are broadcasted by the Azimuth videoservers

On January 29, 2014 the 5th national multichannel digital TV Award Bolshaya Tsifra-2014 was held in Moscow. The Award unites key market players and support the implementation of the federal program “Development of broadcasting in 2009-2015”.

Over 100 nominees applied for the Awards this year. Among the winners were:

  • Moscow 24 – “Information TV channel” category;
  • History (Istoriya) – “Documentary and educational TV channel” category and the special prize “For the unique approach to national and world history channels development”;
  • TV channels such as Russian Bestseller and Fight Club also applied for the Awards. Though they did not receive any Awards, the TV channels got many votes from the viewers.

Background information:

  • The History (Istoriya) channel playout started on May 9, 2013 from the Azimuth video servers managed by the AutoPlay 7 all-in-one automation playout system.
  • The Moscow 24 channel has been broadcast from 2011. The core of the channel playout control room is the AutoPlay 5 automation playout system and the Azimuth videoservers.
  • The Russian Bestseller and Fight Club channels playout is running by an automated On-Air TV complex based on the most powerful AutoPlay 7 automation system and the Azimuth videoservers. The complex was set to work in 2011.