All-new HTML print server with template management for the NewsHouse NRCS 

Despite having access not only to a teleprompter, but also an NRCS interface on a monitor or a tablet, modern news presenters often prefer having the rundown printed out for them.

No matter how reliable the digital systems have become, the hard copy’s availability still makes their job easier and builds confidence.

That’s why we have developed a new printing subsystem for our NewsPlan newsroom solution. Using a modern HTML engine, it allows to import print templates that users can create in their favourite HTML or text editor, or directly in the Admin module. Optional embedded CSS styles allow for flexible text formatting, and the patterns will come to life and look more professional with inserted images (including base64-coded ones which do not require external files). The templates can be exported for backup and exchange, and a new print preview tool will display exactly how the rundown would be printed.

By customer request we’ve completed a comprehensive evaluation of the functional parity between this new development and our legacy printing mechanism. All the existing data types and settings will be preserved during the upgrade and your presenters will not see the difference.

template management