Product spotlight – The NewsBase cut NLE

Not everyone knows that users of the AutoPlay can add NLE capability to the installation via the NewsHouse add-on.

Contrary to popular opinion, the add-on is not dependent on the NewsHouse NRCS and can be used without it. But clearly, it’s the users of our newsroom automation solution that can benefit from NewsBase the most. 

When a journalist is responsible for his story from selecting the footage and writing the text until the moment the story airs, and performs the cut editing in NewsBase him/herself, the quality of the resulting content improves considerably, and breaking news goes on-air faster. The similar interface logic of NewsBase and the other AutoPlay modules makes additional staff training unnecessary and AutoPlay’s extensive user access rights system reduces the number of human errors. A flexible status system allows the News Editor to know exactly at which workflow stage every story is at any given moment, and uniform MAM access across the NewsBase NLE and the NewsPlan NRCS client facilitates the search for required media assets for broadcast journalists and video editors alike. 

Furthermore, some of our customers claim that, with more advanced NewsBase functionality becoming available in the upcoming releases, they can envision dropping their craft NLEs altogether and redirecting the freed-up resources into creating more vibrant and attractive content for their viewers. 

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