Product spotlight – TitleStation Mix and manual CG in News 

With our own TitleStation Mix we offer a manual graphics workflow with a CG operator in the gallery.

The diversity of the workflows in use with our customers can be surprising, so we’ve developed a range of 3 different Playout modules: Air for traditional single channel and 1+1 control, Air24 with the popular ABCD-roll automation and NewsAir with a built in MOS server. All those modules can play secondary events, including CGs, in full-auto mode. But not everyone knows that with our own TitleStation Mix graphics system we can also offer to our customers a manual graphics workflow with a CG operator in the gallery. 

24-hour news channels and the news departments of large national broadcasters expect a very high speed and precision of operations from their on-air teams, especially in times of crises or other events deeply impacting their audiences.

The cost of an error in a lower-third, a map or a geo element can be extremely high. In these conditions the advantages of automation fade compared to the capabilities of an experienced CG operator, who’s involved in the editorial process and is thus able to spot and correct a critical error of this sort in time. 

We support sending the graphics playlist to 3rd party systems from the NewsAir playout module via MOS, but for the maximum responsibility scenarios describe above we recommend an integration between our NewsHouse NRCS and the TitleStation Mix graphics system. Its mode of operation will seem familiar for personnel accustomed to working with popular CG solutions from multinational vendors, so no extensive retraining would be required.  

Besides the lower-thirds, geo and name tags, maps and windows for live contributions common in news operations, the TitleStation Mix workstation in the gallery can also be used for playing out tickers, crawls, interstitials and rich graphics elements for live and studio production. 

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