Interface PlaylistImporter


A specialized software module for importing playlists from 3rd party playout automation into the AutoPlay system. Provides integration with external systems, and migration of existing content when transitioning to AutoPlay.

User interface FileImporter


A specialized software module for automated watchfolder import of mediafiles into the AutoPlay system. The watchfolders can be located on any server or workstation anywhere on the the production network. Dedicated render and copy servers can be added for high performance, and the progress and error control of file operations is available in the Copy Monitor module from any workplace.

DataBase software module


Media asset management software module for the AutoPlay system. MAM operator’s workspace.

Teleprompter module


Advanced prompter is easy to manage and set up. It can work either independently or act as a part of NewsHouse ecosystem. It does not require any special device.


The module manages Azimuth video servers. It provides the discrete operation of 4 channels. The clients are free to use any tool to facilitate their work while on air.


NewsBase provides state-of-the-art editing facilities. It can be installed almost on all types of PC. It is part of A-MAM and NewsHouse ecosystem.


TitleStaionMix manages and playouts graphics. It could be either applied as an independent module or together with NewsAir. It playouts up to 24 independent graphics templates which are designed in TitleEditor module.


NewsAir is an on air module. It manages various studio equipment and third party systems: prompters, video servers and graphics



A powerful module which covers all the newsroom needs. It enhances routine processes from planning to going on air. Allows simultaneous work for more than hundred users.


Playlist preparation and scheduled playout control software module for the AutoPlay automation system. Director’s/playout operator’s workstation.