Broadcast Automation

Broadcast Automation solutions of BRAM Technologies allows you to create a single highly efficient workflow, connect the main production services and build a digital tapeless production and broadcasting technology. 

Our playout automation systems are built on scalable storage platforms and support capacity requirements of any production environment. An integrated graphic tools allow to create branded SD and HD TV channels. With powerful channel-in-a-box capabilities, you get operational reliability and ease of use, wide opportunities and low cost, open architecture and flexibility in configuring.

News Production

Our end-to-end newsroom solutions are aimed to create high-technology production environment for news preparation and playout. The systems allow connecting all operations stages: planning, pre-production, data collection, scenario plan creation, news anchors lead-ins writing, editor’s alterations, prompter’s texts preparation, titles creation, run and playout. Easy and transparent movement of materials in the technological chain reduces time and maintenance costs.

Open, modular, fast systems with control at each production stage significantly improve the efficiency of information service operations.

Live & Sports Playout

BRAM Technologies company offers high-tech systems for synchronous multichannel recording and slow motion replay during live events, sports and TV shows broadcasting. Multi-server configuration gives the capability to extend an unlimited number of incoming and out coming channels. The solutions can be used in TV studios or in the field. 

Simple and dependable systems allows you to decrease time and labor costs in the most critical branches of live and sports TV production.

Multi-Channel Monitoring

The main point in organization of dependable broadcast is playout monitoring and control. BRAM Technologies solutions allow control recording and displaying audio/video channels on high-resolution monitors, as well as generating multimedia images (video materials, audio indicators, text data, GPI and Tally indicators, clocks). 

Formed log-files contains all the information about system status, configuration changings and errors.



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